Welcome to the NPF

Who is the NPF?

The Northern Photographic Federation NPF is an incorporated association formed to foster co-operation and competitions between the members of Hunter / Central Coast region photography clubs.

Each year there is an inter-club competition and an “NPF weekend” where the competition entries are displayed, guest speakers present and there are trade displays. In conjunction with this weekend, there is also a Photo Safari where members take photographs of nominated topics in a designated area and submit them for a friendly competition.

Results for competitions in NPF 2019


Carol Barry – 1st Place
Open Colour Large Print


Jane Borg – 1st Place
Open Mono Large Print


Roy Killen – 1st Place
Nature Large Print


Bettina Damme – 1st Place
Open Small Print


David Hansell – 1st Place
Open Colour Digital


Carol Barry – 1st Place
Open Mono Digital


Peter O’Brien – 1st Place
Nature Digital


Michelle Kennedy – 1st Place
Creative Digital


by Petro Holowinskyj, July 14, 2019

Camera House are Moving!!!

by Sharron Leppien, June 18, 2019

A walk around with Jenn Cooper at the NPF

by Sharron Leppien, June 17, 2019

NPF Sunday the 14th of July 2019 Programme

by Sharron Leppien, June 17, 2019

NPF Saturday the 13th of July 2019 Programme

by Sharron Leppien, June 17, 2019

Entries for the NPF competition close June 21!

To all members of NPF affiliated clubs.

The Annual Northern Photographic Federation weekend of activities is fast approaching. The competition conducted with this weekend is closing this coming Friday 21st June at 11 pm.

This is the last call for entries. The entry fee is $30 and this covers both the competition and entry to the weekend activities.

Print – 2 prints per section

  • Mono
  • Colour
  • Nature
  • Small Print

Digital – 2 entries per section

  • Mono
  • Colour
  • Nature
  • Creative

Use your normal MyPhotoClub website email address to log in and enter. You can either upload a new image or select from one of your entries already in the system. Please hand your prints to your club’s NPF representative.

by MyPhotoClub Colin, June 15, 2019